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A dispenser that changes daily drinking habits.

Produce high density oxygenated water is a dream of all dispensers.

Biyoung’s oxygenated water dispensers are displayed at 70 stores of Datong 3C around Taiwan. Welcome to experience.

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Biyoung’s Oxygenated Water Dispensers

The 100 ppm Biyoung’s oxygenated water dispensers is the world's first small-scale dispenser that can produce high dissolved oxygen water with above 100ppm oxygen. The oxygen-rich bubbles in the water are dense and delicate. Biyoung’s oxygenated water dispensers will be your best source of health and vitality.

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Taipei International Invention Exhibition 2011, 2012, 2015 Gold Medal Award
Switzerland Geneva Invention Exhibition 2012 Gold Medal Award
Paris Invention Exhibition 2012, 2016 Gold Medal Award
Pittsburgh Invention Exhibition 2012 Gold Medal Award, Special Award
Kuwait Middle East International Invention Exhibition 2012 Gold Medal Award & 2015 Special Award
Seoul Invention Exhibition 2012 Gold Medal Award & Special Award
Kaohsiung International Invention Exhibition 2014 Gold Medal Award & Special Award for Home Appliances
Hong Kong International Invention Exhibition 2016 Gold Medal Award & Special Award
Malaysia Invention Exhibition 2017 Gold Medal Award, Special Award
Japan Invention Exhibition 2018 Gold Medal Award

A total of 13 gold medals and 6 special awards in 10 great invention exhibitions.
[Invention] patents in the U.S. 2016, China 2016 and Taiwan 2017


Stories of Biyoung

Biyoung Biotechnology was founded in 2009 by inventor Mr. Chen Jian-an.

Everything is for fish!

 When Chen Jian-an was in school, the happiest thing was to ride a bike to the banks of the Gaoping River every Saturday, where he could leisurely go fishing, put aside the pressure of schoolwork, and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the Gaoping River.

  As always, when he rode to the stream with joy, although he heard about the water pollution incident in the Gaoping River, he was shocked by the sudden death of fish in the stream. He was so shocked that he was speechless. He wondered why we could not love the earth and nature like your family? So he worked hard to learn, specializing in biology to understand the ecological environment.

  He was admitted to the Department of Biology, Tunghai University, and continued to study at the Institute of Biology, Sun Yat-Sen University. In 2000, there was a serious pollution incident in the Gaoping River in Shengli Chemical Factory. The image of the suddenly killed fish at Gaoping River appeared in his mind in high school, so he began to devote himself to the research of water and oxygen. The reason for the invention of Biyoung Oxygenated Dispenser comes from this.


   The high-dissolved oxygen dispenser developed by Chen Jian-an successfully increased the dissolved oxygen of the nine-ton fish pond to 30ppm, and the fish became very active and healthy. Therefore, thinking of the possibility of high oxygenated water to help the human body, the invention of the Biyoung Oxygenated water dispensers were started.

  For decades, high-oxygen water has been regarded as the most noble and healthy drinking water. In countries such as Europe, America, Japan, and even Taiwan, people have been drinking bottled high-oxygen water. For a long time, the industry failed to build small high-oxygen water dispensers. He found that it is impossible to do without the right technology.

  After several years of continuous research and revision, he finally discovered bionic technology from the penguins. Applying it to invent a high-oxygen water maker, the world's first miniaturized household dispenser was successfully developed with a concentration of 100ppm or more. It is with high-efficiency and low-energy-consumption. In 2012, the product was launched to the market by mass production! Hence, the world's first small-scale household high-oxygen water maker was born.


Chen Jian-an launched the Biyoung Oxygenated Water Dispenser by attending worldwide invention competition. The first stop was the Taipei International Invention Exhibition. And this innovative invention, high dissolved oxygen technology, has successively won 13 gold medals and 6 special awards at the top 10 international invention exhibitions since 2012, including Taipei of the Republic of China, Paris, Geneva, Switzerland, Pittsburgh, the Middle East, Kuwait, South Korea … Etc.; and obtained 2013 US, China and 2017 Taiwan "invention" patents.

Trend leading

 From maintaining the environment and ecology to benefiting the people, Biyoung Biotechnology has been following its the original idea and continuously improved to meet the needs of different classes. Biyoung Biotechnology has developed a variety of composite water machines with different dissolved oxygen amounts and water filtration functions. Compatible with all kinds of water dispensers on the market. We are convinced that Biyoung Biotechnology’s high-tech oxygenated water dispenser is so innovative that lead changes!

Business philosophy

    Biyoung Biotechnology is a Taiwanese company with patented technology leading the world. It has developed the smallest-sized water dispenser with highest dissolved oxygen, which integrates technology, environmental protection, fashion, health, and healthcare. The company is based in Taiwan and reaching to the world. In line with the corporate conscience, benefit others and self-interest, honesty and faithfulness. Biyoung Biotech promises not only to be a private company, but also to work together with others to contribute to the promotion of Taiwan's industry to the world stage.